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Lee Joon and Simon D peeling hot yams

I randomly saw this and died.

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"If I was your girlfriend/boyfriend"…finish it in my ask


o! You guys have no need to worry because I have returned from the demanding needs of real life. Hit me up if you want to! 

#Sam Di rambles #{{ omg tumblr is messing with my text posts.../Sigh/}}
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Welp its so early in the morning and I should head out before I go insane from being in my lab. Out to grab a few drinks then I will crash so i can avoid making the same mistake my dongsaeng has made. /Laughs again but not to be mean/ Night all

#Sam Di rambles
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낯선 - Nothing (feat. Kikaflo, BEN Of 베베미뇽)


낯선 - Nothing (feat. Kikaflo, BEN Of 베베미뇽)

Rap Zombie is back ♥